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Optimize Your Recovery
Invigorate and sustain increased blood flow to damaged, injured, and inflamed areas of your body. Reset specific diseased neural plexuses. Enhance your body's ability to reduce inflammation and self-repair faster than ever.
Maximize Your Performance
Alleviate muscle spasms and stimulate your muscles internal healing mechanisms. Keep muscles flexible and strong with myofascial trigger point needling. Prevent overuse injuries.
Reduce Pain Naturally
Activate your body's ability to relive it's aches and pains, without any drugs or negative side effects.
Heighten Your Nervous System
Activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System ("Rest and Digest" System). Train your nerves to work more efficiently. Harmonize your Central Nervous System. Target specific neural plexuses.
Strengthen Your Immune System
Enhance your body's own ability to reduce inflammation. Increase neuropeptide and hormone circulation to fight disease and prevent illness.
Manage Your Stress
Improve your body's tolerance and resiliency to stress. Create balance in your hormonal system.

Our Team

Meet the people that are going to take your treatment to the next level.
Greg Mccue
Greg Mccue

Founder and Owner

Head Acupuncturist

    Joshua Hehr
    Joshua Hehr

    Associate Acupuncturist

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