Orthopedic Services


Years of meticulous and repetitive practice have yielded the utmost precision with needling techniques at RTA, delivering the most effective care possible. Our Acupuncture treatments are steadfast and highly potent.

Acupuncture in the West has a reputation for being delicate and sensation-less. At Rising Tide Acupuncture we understand there is a time for delicate handling, but there are also situations where potent cures are needed for stubborn ailments. With the level of training we’ve had, we know when to use the most appropriate method for timely and long lasting results.

Orthopedic Assessments

Countless hours of research and hands-on practice have led to top level orthopedic assessments. By blending western orthopedic assessments with eastern physiology we have created a highly unique, accurate, and effective diagnostic system.

Orthopedic assessments are tests that are performed for every patient to decipher and understand what specific abnormalities are occurring in their bodies. Range of motion testing, muscle testing, and unique anthropometric measuring create a detailed analytic. This coupling of the most effective western orthopedic assessments and ancient eastern knowledge of the physiology, give insight into what is going wrong in your system.

Herbal Prescriptions

Pharmaceutical grade herbal prescriptions personally dispensed to alter your state of health through biochemical means. We only carry the highest quality herbs from the most reputable sources around the world.

Herbs work biochemically like pharmaceuticals, but without the negative and aggressive side effects we all fear when thinking of modern drugs. Herbal Prescriptions are dispensed in-house at Rising Tide Acupuncture. Each formula is crafted personally for every patient. We always make sure we get the most natural and potent herbs that can be found on the planet.

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