We are beyond grateful for the care that Greg has provided to my daughter Skye. After her Achilles’ tendon surgery he treated her twice a week. Skye’s doctor was amazed at her progress as she was back doing the sport of gymnastics two months earlier than expected. Any time Skye has needed Greg for a maintenance Greg has always found the time! He has away with her that made her feel so comfortable! As a gymnastics school owner I recommend Greg and Rising Tide Acupuncture to all of my athletes! His treatments are top notch!

Robin Harper and Carlos Harper

Owners New Image Gymnastics, Parent of Skye Harper level 10 gymnast

We couldn’t be happier with Greg at Rising Tide Accupuncture! My children felt at ease from the very first day! My daughters are both high level gymnasts and have had various injuries including low back pain, ankle pain, Spondylolysis, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Patella Fracture, Patella dislocation and MPFL reconstruction. Greg has treated them throughout all of these injuries. He has drastically cut down their recovery time and pain level which allowed them to return to their sport quickly. After acupuncture they feel great! I highly recommend Rising Tide Acupuncture. Greg is top notch in the field and has an excellent rapport with the children and myself. Very professional office and staff.

Gia B and Amanda B

With today being my final session of my acupuncture treatment with Greg I would like to explain my experience. Having had lower back L4 L5 and S1 herniations, spondylolisthesis and chronic sciatica for the past 14 years and after having numerous epidurals and trigger point injections by neurologists and spine doctors…I was told that the next step would be extensive spine surgery. Being totally against and afraid of any type of back surgery, because I have seen most fail by friends and families experiences, I decided to take heed to a friends praises and suggestion to try acupuncture. I always thought it was nonsense but decided to try it. Not knowing what to expect at my first session I walked out feeling different… I don’t know how to explain it By the time I got home I pretty much was pain free. AMAZING!!! The next day I had a little bit of pain but was assured by Greg that what I felt was normal and that the treatment was doing what it was supposed to be doing. I was unsure of my second session but Greg told me to follow through with the treatment plan and see how I felt at the end. The day after my second session I was feeling great again. I looked forward to my third and fourth session because I knew I wouldn’t have any pain. Today as I stated above was my fifth and final session of my treatment plan. I honestly can say I feel great at the same time I’m worried that I don’t need to go back on a regular basis. Greg told me only to go on an as needed basis. It’s kind of bittersweet. I didn’t mind being a pin cushion for those four weeks and now I feel confident going back to the gym. Although my situation with my back could only be corrected with surgery…acupuncture has made my pain bearable if not pain-free at times. It has done in four weeks what epidurals and trigger point injections have not done in 14 years. So anyone who is skeptical like me about acupuncture ….I am proof that it works. Thanks Greg for your knowledge and love for healing people. You’re awesome!!!

Annmarie C

I have had many sports injuries and Greg has been able to successfully treat them all. These include wrist tendonitis, lower back compression, tricep strains, and oblique strains. With his knowledge, he answers all questions and concerns I may have about the treatment or injury. I have seen significant improvement in my recovery time and overall health, as well as gaining the edge over other athletes.

Justin L

As a competitive CrossFit athlete and coach, I understand the importance of recovery. The first time I was treated by Greg at Rising Tide Acupuncture it was like finding gold. I walked in his office with severe lower back pain and was looking for a solution that physical therapy and chiropractors could not provide. He took the time to speak with me, accurately diagnose my condition, and then implement a flawless game plan to relieve my symptoms. Training 3-4 hours a day is tough on the body and injuries are inevitable when you push yourself hard. Greg has healed hamstring strains I’ve received from sprinting, lower back tightness from deadlifting, and has loosened up my traps and neck when they lock up from pressing overhead. I currently see him once a week for maintenance which keeps me operating at as close to 100% as possible. And that is just invaluable to staying on top of my game. When I opened my own CrossFit gym in August of 2017 it was a no-brainer to partner up with Rising Tide Acupuncture. Now I am sharing the (healing) wealth with my members.

Gregory H

This letter is in regards to the treatment I received from Greg McCue at Rising Tide Acupuncture . I came to see Greg after literally 2 1/2 months of constant pain in my neck, right shoulder and shoulder blade. The pain and limited motion were very bothersome and I was at my wits end.I travel and fly a great deal and I was always uncomfortable . I was taking Advil around the clock and my Orthopedist recommended steroids to alleviate the pain and I was not willing to do that. Golf season was coming up and I was very worried I would not be able to play. After 2 treatments by Greg I felt 100% better. The pain level was lessened and I had better range of motion. The combination of Acupuncture needles as well as the deep tissue massage worked like magic . I have continued my treatment for other issues and my overall health has improved tremendously. Greg is extremely knowledgable as well as very personable and engaging- his calm and professional demeanor combined with his compassion and understanding of the human body make the whole experience so rewarding .

I am so grateful for the treatments and I have a new way of dealing with any injuries and issues that come along thanks to Greg McCue

Stu W

I was treated by Greg McCue for left hip pain and right IT band syndrome. Both developed during my recent training for the Big Sur Marathon. I was afraid I might not be able to run in the race but Greg assured me that I would. The treatment that he provided was extremely effective and worked very quickly. I’m very happy to say that I had no issues during the marathon and am writing this 2 days later, I still feel great. I have no pain! My overall experience throughout the treatment was outstanding. Greg is extremely knowledgeable, competent and caring. He will make you feel comfortable, is very professional and patient. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him and his staff as well as his office atmosphere. If you are looking for quick results for whatever issues are bothering you Rising Tide Acupuncture is definitely the best place to seek treatment!

Donna R

During my senior year baseball season at Fordham University I suffered a muscle strain in my lower back. I knew right when it happened that it was bad and my chances of playing the next couple of weeks were not likely. I immediately contacted Greg at Rising Tide Acupuncture and he quickly formulated a plan to get me feeling good and back on the field within days. I was really impressed at how he was able to pinpoint my injury as well as tell me what had caused it within the first few minutes of treatment. After just two visits Greg had not only fixed my lower back injury, but he also was able to show me exercises in order to help prevent an injury like this from ever happening again. Thankfully, with the help of Greg, I was able to finish out my season pain free!

Joseph D

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